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Hey, I know not very many people keep up with my blog after I stopped for so long, but if you do….I have moved my site, for the simple fact that I find blogspot easier to work with….so the new site is


Day one was a successful one! I finished my day under calories though, but I’ll get more in tomorrow…I just really wasn’t hungry today with not feeling real well. Lunch was really yummy! I had 1 cup of Annie’s Mac & Cheese along with 2/3 cup of cooked frozen Steamfresh peas. Very filling and such comfort food! I usually don’t add veggies to my mac & cheese but it sounded really good today, and it was some added nutrition!

Dinner however, was even better! We had Chef’s Salads, and it hit the spot! Before dinner we took my dog for 1.5 mile walk, and then we came home and made the salads up. I had mine without cheese and with Lite Avocado Ranch salad dressing! Delish!!

For dessert I’m going to have 2 ice pops, I know they are all sugar, but I want them bad, and I def. have he calories to spare today! Also as far as water, I drank 68 oz today! I’m going to try to go for another bottle tomorrow, but for me 4 bottles was awesome! Here are my totals!

Breakfast: Green Smoothie-332 calories

Lunch: Mac & Cheese and Peas- 350 calories

Dinner- Chef’s Salad- 314 calories

Snack- 2 ice pops- 80 calories

Total- 1,076 (yes I know that’s low!! I didn’t mean to eat this little!)

Workout- 1.5 mile walk- 169 calories burned

I stopped blogging, and I don’t even know why. I gave up on myself, before I even gave myself a chance to get started. I hadn’t even thought about my diet, or anything, and then I got some comments from Vicki asking where I was and saying that she hoped I hadn’t given up on my healthy lifestyle. Well not only had I given up, it got worse! I have gained weight, yeah that’s right after not weighing myself since right after my husband deployed, a little over 2 months ago, I now weigh 207 lbs! Heavier than I ever have in my life. I wanted to cry…but I didn’t because I knew that I did this to myself. And I also know that I am the only person that can change it. So here I am, ready to give myself a real chance, without giving up before I even get started! And a HUGE thank you to Vicki for getting me back on here, who knows it may save my life 🙂

I woke up today with a crazy headache, and wasn’t too hungry, so I waited a little later than usual for breakfast. I did eat healthy though! I had a Green Smoothie, and man was it yummy! It consisted of 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of frozen tropical fruit, 1 medium banana, and 2 cups of fresh spinach, plus water. I blended it all up, and it was quite pretty, and very delicious! I consumed my smoothie in a bowl, with a little “Eat, Pray, Love”, I just started it, so I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet!

Not sure what lunch is going to be, but I’m thinking maybe a crack wrap (Flat Out Wrap, hummus and laughing cow cheese) mmm. No other plans today, as I have a terrible sinus headache…I forgot my allergies don’t like Ohio. Hoping I get to feeling better so I can take my dog out to the reservoir for a nice long walk. We could both use it!!

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